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  • Saving
    • How much could you save per year by switching to socialites?

      Cigarettes per day


      Cost per pack

      7.00 £

      Cigarettes cost per month


      Cigarettes cost per year


      Socialites cost per year




      Per year

      New Apple Macbook Pro

      A candlelit dinner for two

      A brand new iPad

      A European city break

      A Lenovo Ideapad Z580

      Two weeks on an exotic holiday

      New Apple Macbook Pro

      A brand new Vespa scooter

      Fuel your car for a year (£50 a week)

      Audio Theatre Recliner

      Feed a family of four for a year (£70 a week)

      A month on a world cruise

      Breast implants

      A new wedding dress

      A family holiday to Disneyworld Florida

      A brand new kitchen

      A year of rent (£525 a month)

      A new Rolex

      Get a private pilots license

      A brand new Peugeot 107

      A house in Bulgaria

      University fees for a year


      A brand new Mini First

      Or a 4 star 7 day holiday to vegas for 2!