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About Socialites - The best Electronic Cigarette

Trust and loyalty, the two main ingredients for a healthy relationship.

We gain your trust and your loyalty will follow.

Socialites Zero is a brand formed under the umbrella of SLAM Trading Limited. Headed by five partners, each with our own individual skill set and qualifications. This melting pot of knowledge and expertise has created a formidable partnership. Collectively, we have the same vision. Our goal is to produce the finest “alternative smoking experience” and to share it with you.

Individually, we understand the perils of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Each of us has suffered our own ordeals with Zero success. I will highlight later our theory to why smoking has such a hold on all of us.

After sampling electric cigarettes already available, we all met with the following conclusions.

  • Non realistic flavours
  • Bad after taste
  • Almost satisfying
  • Still wanted a tobacco cigarette
  • Handy for indoors
  • Helps cut down from tobacco cigarettes.
  • Saves money

The next step was market research. We discovered that e-cigarettes were mainly used to aid in cutting down on tobacco cigarettes and to save money.

From there, Socialites Zero and our vision were born. That vision is to create an electric cigarette that will satisfy a smoker enough for them never to light up a tobacco cigarette again, therefore to save a fortune and to limit the risk of bad health due to the 4000 chemicals and 60 known carcinogens’ in a Tobacco cigarette.

Studies enabled us to recognize, by closely mimicking the ritual of tobacco smoking, a real cigarette smoker is more likely to sample the electric alternative, whereas before, the thought of giving up smoking was always unforeseeable. Experiencing the same ritual with similar tastes and a satisfying nicotine hit will result in a stress free alternative with far less willpower required. A revelation compared with any other nicotine replacement product.

Not only is a smoker addicted to nicotine and various other cigarettes ingredients, the habit of your physical actions are also a large part of the smoking ritual. Therefore, switching to Socialites Zero will be an easier transition. We also know that in order to imitate a real cigarette the flavours must be perfect and so too the level of the nicotine satisfaction.

Socialites Zero offer five traditional tobacco flavours with four levels of strengths. We also offer an unlimited variety of novelty flavours known as Shisha.

Producing flavours to closely resemble the real taste of the UK’s top five brands was no mean feat. However, after months of intense lab trials and determination we achieved what we first thought to be impossible.

Not settling for anything less than perfect became our driving force very early on when forming the Socialites Zero brand.

We are unique within the industry and are fully committed in providing cutting edge technology paired with the very best pharmaceutical grade nicotine liquids and flavours

Now we have reached our goals, it’s time for you to reach yours!


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