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Battery Maintenance and Tips

All E-Cigarettes are considered consumables, and therefore subject to wear and tear, however, maintenance can increase the life of your parts.

Charging the VGO Battery & Cleaning

The VGO batteries are pre charged when you receive them.

When the initial charge is used up, charge the battery, until the light turns green on your charger (this takes between 40mins & 2 hours).

Keep the battery connection dry as any moisture or dried liquid in the battery recess will cause a bad connection to the CE4 clearomizer.

This will cause you to automatically draw harder and is ultimately harsh on the clearomizer, worst case it will cause a short in the battery

This can also cause too much liquid to enter into the clearomizer, causing the clearomizer to get hot, leak or not produce any vapour.

Use an ear bud to clean out the recess connection as this the easiest way, especially around the internal threads.

once every week, take an ear bud dipped in alcohol, and thoroughly wipe out the battery connection to remove any dried liquid, debris or moisture.

If you have been noticing your batteries are not holding their charge like they used to, they probably need cleaning. also don't forget to clean the charger connection with a dry cloth or ear bud.

My VGO battery does not work correctly when I attach my CE4 Clearomizer , but lights up when nothing is attached to it ?

It could be something as simple as the battery centre pin being pushed down too far, not enabling a connection to the CE4 Clearomizer to be made.

This issue with VGO style batteries often caused by over tightening the clearomizer on to the battery, but you can easily rectify this problem by:

  • Remove your clearomizer from the battery.
  • Get a cocktail stick and blunt the tip.
  • Gently wiggle the cocktail stick at the side of the centre pin, go around the centre pin and lift it up gently.
  • Screw your clearomizer back on the battery and start vaping

This is a quick & easy maintenance task for the most common fault issue with a VGO battery.


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