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Know your e-liquids!

All our e-liquids are manufactured in the UK within an ISO Class 5 clean room.

It doesn’t get any cleaner!

All of our ingredients are of a pharmaceutical grade and are sourced from within the UK & Europe.

We have full traceability on all of them.

All of our amazing e-liquids are regulary GCMS tested to ensure that they don’t contain any nasty surprises - they are Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propynol FREE!

Our pharmaceutical grade of nicotine is sourced from Switzerland and is a very pure form.

Socialites gives our customers 100% confidence as our e-liquid bottles are childproof and tamper evident.

We like to go the extra mile, so we dispatch our e-liquids to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing to ensure consistency.

We are Pharma GMP, BRC and ISO: 9001 accredited.

The Process

There is a lot of TLC that goes into making Socialites e-liquids and that is why we have invested heavily in a fully automated production facility to ensure that we get it just right.

First of all, four taps pre-mix the raw ingredients. There is no room for oil based flavours, dyes, colourings or any of the nasty chemicals included in regular cigarettes. Our e-liquids ingredients are:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • 7.2% nicotine diluted in PG (not in zero e-liquids)
  • Natural & Artificial flavours carried in PG

Once the ingredients are measured out, the e-liquid is transferred into a 25 litre container. The flavour element is then weighed and added. The e-liquid is then mixed continually for 30 minutes. Once mixing is completed, we allow the e-liquid to batch steep for ten days.

Ten impatient days later, our e-liquid is ready for bottling. The end result is a complete e-liquid made within an ISO class 5 facility.

You’re positive feedback confirms we are getting it just right!

So which strength of e-liquid should you choose?

We decided to alter the PG and VG levels dependant on the nicotine strength. As a result, our higher nicotine strengths carry a better throat hit and a lower strength e-liquid carries less throat hit but more vapour:

  • 24mg/ml - 65(PG) / 35(VG) - Strong throat hit / Average vapour
  • 18mg/ml - 60(PG) / 40(VG) - Good throat hit / Good vapour
  • 12mg/ml - 50(PG) / 50(VG) - Mild throat hit / Excellent vapour
  • 6mg/ml – 45(PG) / 55(VG) - Slight throat hit / Massive vapour
  • 0mg/ml - 40(PG) / 60(VG) - No throat hit / Massive vapour

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