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8 Reasons to Choose Socialites


A great choice of quality products

Well we wouldn't give you any old rubbish. We use them ourselves, so we want the good stuff just like you.


Exceptional customer duty of care

It's important that you feel comfortable and confident when choosing your E-cigarette, therefore all of our staff will take plenty of time to help you make an informed decision, and one you don't regret.


Largest retailer in the UK

We're not boasting about that, it just happens to be true. We have retail kiosks and stores across the country offering lots of products and sample tasting of all flavours, including the new ones we mix in our clean room.


Continuous investment in R&D

We never stop testing and trying to improve ourselves as well as our products. Whilst we won't go as far as to call ourselves pioneers, we do like to try new things out, which is where the research comes in handy.


Produce our own E-juice

This way we know exactly what goes into it, where it has been and exactly what needs to go where: we're perfectionists like that. Plus our ''flavourists' love their job and won't settle until they have the flavour exactly how they want it.


Home delivery

Gone are the days of having to head out in the bitter cold to pick up a new packet of cigarettes. Now you can kick back and vape away whilst you wait for the next delivery to come through.


Customer loyalty points

And whilst you're sat there vaping away with your next pack in the delivery van, you'll have just earned yourself a cool 10% off your next purchase online.


We're ECITA members

This is the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. It's not an official regulatory body, yet, but we'd like it to be which is why we are fully signed up members working towards proper regulation of the industry.

So that's why they call us the E-Cigarette Experts!
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