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We talk a good game but, like the famous saying goes, the proof is in the puffing, or something like that. So we always make sure we set our customers up with the right Socialite. Whether we meet you online, in store or over the phone, we will always ensure that you receive a top quality, informative customer service.

What we promise to do

We understand that for most of our customers giving up smoking is a very difficult thing to do, and many of our customers are nervous when they first come to see us. So we will always extend a warm and sincere welcome to try and make you feel at ease.

We ask all the obvious questions so that we can understand your needs, such as:

'How long have you been smoking?'
'What brand do you smoke?'
‘How many do you smoke a day?'

We will also encourage you to try both E-cigarettes and tank systems, so you can decide which you prefer. We will then get you to try several strengths and flavours in order to find the one that best suits your needs. The goal is to try and find the strength and flavour that the customer feels is the closest to what they are used to smoking. This step is extremely important to get right because our information suggests that you are 85% more likely to succeed in ceasing smoking if you make the right start.

Many of us are ex-smokers; some of us have used Socialites products to cut down, and others have gone on to give up smoking completely. This means we completely empathise with the customer, as well as being able to speak from personal experience about using the products.

People stood at the Socialites E-Cigarette Stand Socialites E-Cigarette Stand

What will the customer experience?

We are fully trained in all aspects of the job and have a huge amount of knowledge of both Socialites E-cigarettes and the industry itself.

Once we have found the correct products for you, we will offer a detailed explanation of how to use the product.

We insist on setting up every new purchase for the customer, so we can show you how to charge the battery, fill the clearomiser, as well as lots of useful hints and tips on maintenance and getting the most out of using the products.

At the point of purchase we will ask you where you live and introduce you to the Socialites' website if you’re not local to the retail outlet. The loyalty scheme will also be explained to you.

Our service doesn’t stop there because we are always encouraging our customers to return and have a chat, whether it is about their experiences so far, new products or extra tips and information.

Trying out new flavours with the support of us might even help you come down in Nicotine strength.

We take great enjoyment and pride building up amazing relationships with our customers. We even offer appointments on a one-on-one basis for anyone who wants a proper natter.

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