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It's like ordering a meal at a restaurant, you want to know where the ingredients are from and what you are paying for. It should be no different for
your E-cigarette. Everything that goes into our E-cigarettes is sourced in the UK, so there are no surprises and we are always transparent about how we make
our E-cigarettes, what goes into each one and the process.

Someone holding a test tube

The Process

To manufacture the finished product there a 3 steps to the process:

Step 1.

Creating the pre-mix (bulk batch) - The raw ingredients (Vegetable Glycerine, Mono Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and flavours) are weighed out for accuracy and dispensed into an adequate container (usually 25 litre container). The batch is then blended using a mixer for five minutes.

Step 2.

Steeping - All E-liquids are left to batch steep in their bulk containers for two weeks. Steeping helps the flavour develop in E-liquid to produce a more realistic experience and better vape.

Step 3.

Bottling and labelling - Once the E-liquid is ready to be bottled our fully automated machine feeds bottles to a central turntable which fills, nibs and caps the E-liquid. The bottles then run along a conveyor out of the Clean Room to be labelled. They are then ready for your E-cigarette. The Clean Room plays a vital roll by ensuring that there are no air contaminants coming in to contact with any of the raw ingredients or finished products. Although it's not necessary to bottle in a Clean Room it builds customer confidence that the job is being done right. We employ 'flavourists' who have scientific knowledge, these are important chaps who are the guardians of flavourings.

Step inside our Clean Room

Well not literally because that would affect the balance of particles allowed in the room. Our Clean Room is ISO Class 8, otherwise known as class 100,000. This is the maximum number of particles within a cubic meter are 100,000. The air that surrounds us typically has around 1,000,000 within a cubic meter.

However, our new Clean Rooms are going to be ISO Class 5, otherwise known as class 100, which means they will be cleaner, meaning that the process for the production of our E-liquids will be cleaner.

Not only this but there is a daily internal cleaning cycle which takes place and we now employ a contract cleaner who carries out a deep clean on a weekly basis.

Have you heard of ECITA?

Not enough people have, but it is the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association and we are fully signed up members.

We are continually active in the on-going request to the UK Government to establish a strict and stringent code of practice for the E-cigarette industry.

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