2015: The Year of the Quitting Generation!

As the festive season draws to a close, we are faced with the excitement and promise of all that the New Year will bring, however alongside this it is natural to consider your New Year’s resolutions…

With the Christmas period renowned for overindulgence, there is no better time than the New Year to put a ban on junk food, alcohol and for smokers, the dreaded cigarettes! For some, quitting smoking may feel like an impossible challenge, however, willpower alone is no longer the only aid that can help you quit….

Leading e-cigarette brand Socialites are designed to simulate the act of smoking and offer the familiar hand-to-mouth action smokers yearn for, whilst releasing a smoke-like water vapour when the user draws from the filter. With only 3-4% of people able to quit the habit using willpower alone, the vast majority find they need a helping hand to quit the habit once and for all; with Socialites it won’t feel like you’re going cold turkey as you’re simply replacing your current cigarette brand with a safer alternative, until you’re ready to give up for good!

Inhaling the vapour mimics conventional cigarettes by delivering the nicotine hit with the same satisfying sensation, without the 4,000 harmful chemicals or 60 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes – making it an indispensable tool in the pathway to quitting. The products have zero tar, zero tobacco, zero carbon monoxide and zero passive smoke!

With a huge selection of unique and great tasting flavours – including Cool Menthol, USA Blend, Gold, Blackberry, Coffee, Cherry – and available in four varying strengths of nicotine – High, Medium, Low and Zero – Socialites is a brand which guarantees satisfaction, without compromising on taste or the user’s enjoyment of the product and experience.

In addition to this, Socialites offers a range of different products to suit each individual smoker; the Socialites Tank is hugely popular with ex-heavy smokers as the product provides a full on hit with each inhalation. The Starter Kit on the other hand has been designed to imitate the look, feel and taste of a real cigarette and the 225 is ideal for vapers on the go, offering 225 puffs per pack with no additional equipment, such as chargers and refills, needed.

If this isn’t enough, Socialites costs up to 80 per cent less than traditional cigarettes, so when your wallet is feeling the post-Christmas pinch, you’ll have more money to spend in the January sales!

Socialites e-cigarettes are here to help and support you on your journey to a smoke-free life.


For more information about Socialites or to arrange a trial of the product, please contact the team at PHA Media:
socialites@pha-media.com / 0207 0251 375

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