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An e-cigarette is powered by a battery and converts e liquid into a vapour that is inhaled by the user.  No fire, ash or smell is present and it does not contain harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar that are associated with traditional cigarettes.

It is said that the e cigarette is a healthier option to tobacco cigarettes and can help soothe a smokers cough and improve sense of smell and taste.

A traditional cigarette burns tobacco that releases smoke that contains nicotine.  E cigarettes heat up nicotine liquid that is then turned into a vapor that the user inhales.

An e cigarette is made up of:

–      A battery

–      A vapor chamber

–      A cartridge

E cigarettes have a lithium battery that is connected to the vaporization chamber.  This chamber is where the atomizer is housed – the element that heats the liquid and creates the vapor.  The user puts e juice in the cartridge where wick or wadding is in place that soaks up the liquid. Once the user inhales it then puts the coil shaped atomizer to work and the coil heats the liquid in the cartridge.  As the user breathes in, the nicotine is delivered to the lungs and the user breathes out a vapor instead of smoke.

The liquid that is used is often referred to as ‘e liquid’ and is made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.  E liquid comes in different nicotine strengths and flavors to give the user plenty of choice.

Different Types Of E Cigarettes

Cigalikes look like traditional cigarettes and has a sensor when air is being inhaled.  This sensor activates the atomizer to create the vapor.

Tanks are generally clear so the user can see how much e liquid is in the tank.  There is generally less wick or wadding in the tank so it only uses e liquid as it needs it.  There is a button that is pressed to activate the tank.

Mods are becoming more popular as users want to have more control of their devices.  By having variable voltage devices the user can control the amount of power put into the electronic cigarette, and wattage options allows the user to be able to control the output.