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A vape chart is a visual guide that aids vapers if they choose to adjust either the voltage and/or resistance of their devices in order to find the perfect taste, while also allowing their e-cigarette to create huge clouds of vapour without damaging their battery.

But how do you use it?

Many vapers have gone through several devices in their quest to find their preferred e-cigarette, most of whom ultimately find themselves with a box mod that allows them to adjust various settings that affect both the flavour and density of the vapour produced.

However, adjusting the settings without knowledge of how Ohm’s law works could ultimately damage the battery, tank or coil, as well as leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

Luckily, the average vaper doesn’t necessarily need to teach themselves Ohm’s law, they simply have to learn how to use a vape chart.

What does a vape chart look like?

Those a little more comfortable with physics equations can work out the strength of the current (amps) within the coil of their device by dividing the voltage (volts) by the resistance (ohms). With these numbers, it is then possible to calculate the total amount of power (watts) passing through the electrical circuit inside the e-cigarette.

Of course, learning how to use a vape chart is dependent on the specification of your e-cigarette. Some coils are capable of carrying higher amounts of power than others due to the thickness and composition of the wire inside the wick. As a result, an individual who attempts to vape in a sub-ohm fashion using a standard coil will increase the likelihood of their device failing, or they will simply burn through multiple coils in a short space of time. Luckily, there are separate vape charts for those who enjoy the sub-ohm vaping culture.

How to use a vape chart to your advantage

By using the references along both the axis of a vape chart, it’s clear to see that by setting the voltage too high without adequate resistance will push so much power through your device (indicated by the red zone) that you risk damaging the battery. Conversely, if you set the resistance too high without enough volts, then you will barely be able to vape as the power will be too low (beige zone). By choosing any setting that keeps your device in the green zone, you can be sure that your vaping sessions will be satisfying without risking damage to your e-cigarette.

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