The ‘Beginners Guide’ to E-Cigarettes

E-Cig Guide

With society increasingly becoming more health conscious, a less harmful alternative to smoking would naturally seem like a good idea. Yet it never ceases to amaze me, the number of people that fault products – namely e-cigarettes – which are not only helping people quit the dreaded habit, but which are subsequently saving lives.

The concept of the electronic cigarette has divided the nation; concerns that the product isn’t safe have swept across the UK, which are juxtaposed to research conducted by leading research centres and the World Health Organisation (WHO), all stating that they can only ever be a good thing. This view is backed up by research commissioned by ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) which reveals that the liquid within e-cigarettes is classed in the same category as concentrated washing up liquid.

But what is an e-cigarette? Put simply, it’s a product designed to simulate the act of smoking, offering the same hand-to-mouth action smokers yearn for, whilst releasing a smoke-like water vapour when the user draws from the filter. The vapour is free from the 4,000 harmful chemicals and 60 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.

The various e-cigarette products on the market, such as starter kits, disposables, vaporisers and shisha sticks, have not only captured the hopes of many smokers desperate to quit, but they have also started to grab the attention of ex-smokers, who all too often give into powerful nicotine cravings, be that on the weekend or when they are out and about with their friends. Public awareness of the product – which has zero tar, zero tobacco, zero carbon monoxide and zero passive smoke – has dramatically increased in the last two and a half years, with the public health charity, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), concluding that there are now an estimated 2.1 million users.

Out of this figure, it has been estimated that 800,000 e-cigarette users are ex-smokers who have quit tobacco completely, while the other 1.3 million users are using e-cigarettes in conjunction with traditional tobacco cigarettes, in a bid to cut down.

Recent reports have shown that the products are fast becoming the go-to alterative in one’s journey to kick the habit, and as a consequence they have directly affected the sales of all official nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum, patches, and nasal sprays (Mintel, 2014). To further support this finding University College London has also reported that a smoker is 60 times more likely to quit smoking with an electric cigarette than by using any other smoking cessation product.

For me there is nothing to dispute; using an e-cigarette is most definitely better than smoking traditional cigarettes, and being an ex-smoker myself, I owe a lot of my success to the Socialites products I have used – together with my willpower – to quit the habit for good.

Brands such as Socialites are among the leading players in the market and have a long term view of the industry; we take great care to train staff who work on the retail kiosks to the highest standard to ensure that the user’s experience is as pleasurable as possible. Through this, we are helping to break through any negativity surrounding e-cigarettes, which can be partly attributed to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the product.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and I want to continue helping others on their quest to give up the habit for good!

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