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Image showing box mod componentsFor those who were around at the genesis of the e-cigarette phenomenon, the nostalgia can often make you shudder at how ineffective the first vape pens were. No battery life, no user control, and an inability to produce vapour at levels sufficient enough to be enjoyable.

Many more tech savvy vapers were not happy about this. They understood that the aesthetics of the vape pens were more similar to cigarettes and that appealed to those who were trying to quit – but as time passed, more and more vapers found themselves willing to use higher capacity, higher quality and more unusual designs in order own a device that served its purpose. This led to what we now refer to as ‘box mods’.

So, what is a box mod?

A box mod is an electronic cigarette that has an internal battery or has space for an external battery.  Box mods are either regulated or regulated and are square shaped which is why it is referred to as a box mod.

Why are box mods so large?

With current technology on consumer levels, to increase a battery’s mA-h (capacity) means adding more cells. The more cells a battery has, the more charge it can hold. While some box mods may appear a bit unwieldy, the advantage of owning a device that can last a day with re-charging soon outweighs the benefits of a smaller device that needs a charge every hour or so.

What kind of additions do manufacturers add to box mods?

Larger box mods allow manufacturers to add more safeguards, over-charging protection, wattage settings, temperature controls and more. As box mods become more advanced, the more efficient they become.

Are box mods better for battery life?

Absolutely, with the added benefit that the batteries themselves can be fixed or removable based on the user’s needs. With added over-charge protection, the lifetime of each battery itself is also increased, preventing the constant need for replacement.

Are box mods more enjoyable?

The biggest problem with vape pens was their lack of power. Box mods allow for a great discharge of wattage, ensuring a satisfying amount of vapour gets released during inhalation – a big issue when you’re initially trying to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

Are box mods a safer way to vape?

If it is a regulated box mod, then yes your e-cigarette will be safer, with premium components and a long warranty. If unregulated, you may get to enjoy rarer designs but the safety element can take a back-step.

Do the additional wattage controls on box mods make vaping more enjoyable?

For many vapers, the answer is a definite yes. The ability to adjust both the voltage and resistance across the box mod’s circuitry allows for huge differences in the vaping experience. High wattages lead to larger plumes and vapour with a greater taste, while low wattages allow for a cooler vapour with a less severe throat hit.

Can I enjoy sub ohm vaping with a box mod?

You can’t enjoy sub ohm vaping without a box mod. The additional controls, and the ability to reduce the mod’s resistance down to as low as 0.15Ω in some designs allows for some very interesting results for the seasoned vaper.

What else can a box mod do?

The increased battery size and additional controls allow for plenty of additional benefits. Importantly, the size of the mod allows it to support much larger tanks, negating the need to constantly refill your e-liquid. 

Furthermore, the varying settings on the mod mean that different atomisers can be attached based on your needs, meaning that even waxes and herbs can be atomised without having to buy a separate battery or device.

Ultimately, the vaping scene is gradually getting taken over by box mods, but that’s no reason to worry – with prices ranging from £20 to £300, you don’t have to be millionaire to enjoy its benefits.

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