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E cigarettes are battery operated electronic devices that turn flavoured liquid into a vapor in the lungs. The user inhales the liquid through a handheld device and exhales the vapor. The liquid that is included in an e cigarette is known as ‘e liquid’. E liquid is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavouring agents and nicotine.

E cigarettes are sometimes made to look like traditional cigarettes and other e cigarettes called tanks look more distinctive.

E cigarettes are thought to be a safer alternative to regular cigarettes because it delivers nicotine via a vapour and not by burning tobacco that has toxic chemicals present. E cigarettes also do not produce tobacco smoke. Public Health England have conducted a review and said that e cigarettes are 95% less than harmful than tobacco.

Those that use e cigarettes find it helpful to gradually reduce the nicotine strength in the e liquid in order to help wean themselves off.

Woman exhaling e-cigarette vapour

So Now You Know What An E Cigarette Is, Why Not Give It A Go!

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