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Socialites Elegance Clearomizer - Gold

  • £2.50

Elegance Clearomizer


Slim, Sleek and Elegant are the best words to describe the Socialites Elegance range and it is one of the slimmest e-cigarettes on the vaping market. Only 11mm in diameter. The Elegance clearomizer is designed for the Socialites Elegance tank only. This bottom filling clearomizer with a pre-fitted coil is a perfect match for someone looking for a small and elegant e-cigarette. 



Size: 61 x 11mm


Recommended Voltage: Please note that the elegance clearomizer is designed to be used with the elegance battery and elegance charger only.


Resistance: 2.2ohm



Pack includes:


1 x Elegance Clearomizer


1 x Pre-fitted coil




Important Information

  1. After filling the clearomizer, please let the e-liquid soak into the coil for 10minutes before you switch the device on. Remember the longer you leave the coils to soak the better your vaping experience will be. This will reduce the risk of the coil burning prematurely.
  2. The Elegance coils do have a limited life span. We recommend that they can only last from 2-3 weeks dependant on usage. You will know when you need to change the coils as the e-liquid taste starts to change or the device is on but no vapour is produced.
  3. Never let the clearomizer become completely empty, please refill your clearomizer to avoid damage.
  4. After refilling, wipe the coil before replacing. This reduces the risk of e-liquid passing into the centre hole.
  5. When necessary, clean the base of the clearomizer, that connects to the battery, with a dry wipe or dry cotton bud. You can also clean the mouth piece when necessary.

How to fill


  1. Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery by gripping the clearomizer and turning anti-clockwise. Ensure that the clearomizer is not connected to the battery when filling.
  2. Unscrew the base by gripping the engraved section and turning anti-clockwise.
  3. Hold the clearomizer at a 45degree angle and insert the e-liquid nozzle towards the inside outer wall of the tube.
  4. Once you have filled with e-liquid, wipe the coil and gently screw back into the clearomizer turning it clockwise until finger tight.



How to replace the coil

  1. Unscrew the old coil from the base by gripping the coil and turning anti-clockwise.
  2. Replace with the new coil and gently screw back to the base section by turning it clock wise until finger tight.
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