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Socialites Variable Voltage 1100mAh Twist Battery

Code: BAT-VV
  • £12.50

Socialites Variable Voltage battery is designed to put you in control of your vaping. You will enjoy its impressive and long lasting 1100mAh capacity.  It’s as easy as spinning the dial at the bottom of the battery to adjust the output voltage between 3.2V and 4.8V, which allows you to reach your vaping ‘sweet spot’. The Variable Voltage battery is compatible with Socialites H2, MT3, Chrome, Dual, A3, Nimbus and Cirrus clearomizers.


Size: 121 x 14 mm


Recommended Voltage:


CE4 & CE5: Between 3.2V and 4.2V

H2 & MT3: Between 3.7V and 4.8V

Chrome & Duo: Between 3.2V and 4.2V

A3, Nimbus & Cirrus: Between 4.2V and 4.8V

Capacity: 1100mAh


We recommend that you start with the lowest voltage output setting and work your way up until you find your vaping ‘sweet spot’.


Pack includes:

1 x Socialites Variable Voltage 1100mAh battery

Important Information

  • Only use Socialites compatible chargers. Do not plug into a smart phone plug or equivalent. We recommend that you use a Socialites 3 pin plug or charging cable into a USB port.
  • When the light on the plug has changed from red to green, the battery is ready to use again. We recommend that you charge for a maximum of two hours.
  • The button will flash red when the battery needs to be charged.
  • Do not leave the battery to charge overnight, do not overcharge and do not leave the battery unattended when charging.
  • If you hold the button down for too long the button will flash. This indicates that the battery is turning itself off in an attempt to prevent further damage. Release the button on the battery and once it has stopped flashing you can continue to vape.
  • Always remove the clearomizer from the battery when filling the clearomizer. This reduces the risk of e-liquid passing through the clearomizer to the battery.
  • Do not press the button in-between vaping. When you do this you are pulling the e-liquid through the clearomizer into the centre hole. If the e-liquid is not used to vape then it will cause a build-up of e-liquid on the top of the battery giving the impression that the clearomizer is leaking.
  • Ensure that you clean the battery regularly with a dry wipe or dry cotton bud.

How to use

  • Press the button on the battery very quickly 5 times to power the battery ON and OFF.
  • Choose the desired output voltage setting by twisting the base of the clearomizer until you reach your vaping ‘sweet spot’. Please refer to the above recommended voltage settings for Socialites clearomizers.
  • Press and hold the battery button and inhale. Release the button after inhale.
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June 28, 2017 | Jodie c
Love these

Have been using this for the last two years, you can adjust the intensity of the vape by turning the dial at the bottom, good battery life and durable.

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